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prophecygirls's Journal

Prophecy Girls - Team Buffy at Whedonland
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Welcome to prophecygirls, the home community for Team Buffy at whedonland, a Whedonverse socialization and challenge community! Members participate in all sorts of fun challenges and games, including trivia, puzzles, fan fic, and fan art contests. If you join whedonland and become a member of Team Buffy you will be able to participate in challenges to earn points so that our team can win! (Win what... INTERNET PRESTIGE, I guess.) It's just for fun and you can make new friends while doing it!
First, you must apply to whedonland at this post. Once you are assigned to a team you may join any of the whedonland sub-communities as well as your team community. If you are assigned to Team Buffy you will be issued an invite to prophecygirls or you may ask to join the comm and one of the mods will add you. Please remember to join the community and not just friend it! If you do not join, you won't be able to see the posts!
The purpose of whedonland is to participate in the activities the community has to offer as well as provide opportunities for fans of Joss Whedon’s work to socialize with each other in a friendly competitive environment. There are plenty of different activities offered at the various communities so that there is something for everyone. Please only join if you wish to participate.

We encourage members to participate in a points-earning activity at least once every one or two weeks, though this is not mandatory. However, if you have not participated in five weeks you will be cut from the team. That is, unless you are on declared hiatus (see link below). Otherwise, we are going to assume you have dropped out of the community without telling us officially about it, and will revoke your membership.
>> Mod Contact Post
For questions/concerns about Team Buffy. Also where you should drop a note if you're going on hiatus.

>> Resign Post
If you decide for whatever reason to leave whedonland, please comment here so the mods will know and can procure a replacement member for the team.

>> Consolidated Task Schedule
A regularly updated list of all the current tasks running at whedonland and their due dates.

>> Resource Post
A list of websites that may prove useful as you are trying to complete challenges or make graphics.

>> Helpful Post with links to team icons, tutorials and other helpful things.

>> Introduce yourself to your new team by filling out and posting our n00b survey:

profile codes layout graphics

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